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Christmas Hospital Teddy Bear Run. Saturday 19th December

By Andy Smith

Meeting at 10am on Saturday the 19th of December.  (Not a Sunday this year).

As a Traffic Cop we often found ourselves at the casualty department dealing with the aftermath of road crashes.  It was all the more distressing when these involved children.  Some years ago we set up a fund to provide Teddy Bears be handed to any children who were unfortunate enough to find themselves in A&E  over the Christmas period.  It was found that if a child becomes attached to a cuddly toy whilst they are receiving treatment, it aids their recovery if they are allowed to take the toy home with them.  Obviously there is no funding for this is in the NHS.  So we need you!

Meeting at 10am at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar to ride down to the Children’s Casualty Unit at University Hospital of Wales – UHW Heath Hospital.

We will then continue with a ride out to a suitable cafe for some refreshments.

Size Matters!!  Smaller Teddies are better, as they don’t get in the way of any treatment that the child is receiving. Please don’t wrap them.  These are not meant as Christmas presents…. they are New Friends in Waiting!

Please spread the word.  Let’s fill the World with Teddy Bears.

Ikea are selling perfectly sized Soft Toys, where you can fill your panniers for just a couple of quid.

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