Testimonial Reviews

At 1st Class Rider Training we pride ourselves on the service that we provide.  We have recieved several testimonials which can be found in our entry on the ‘Google Business Listing’. Just search for us on Google to read them.

But we are proud to share with you here an email that we recieved from one of our  ‘1st Class Riders’.

Hello there Andy,

Firstly thank you very much for the kindness of your congratulations.

Secondly, I would like to extend a hearty thanks to 1st Class Rider Training, who’s exemplary level of professionalism assisted me in Direct Access training DSA test procedures.

You showed a constant level headed approach, balancing kind supportive guidance with a firm and attentive lead in attention to safety, which left me with a feeling that you were always in control of the situation.

Furthermore, you showed what appeared to be an acute personal interest in the outcome of the tests, demonstrating a level of integrity and concern towards your students that I find hard to believe exists with all trainers or schools.

While I appreciate that ultimately the purpose of a motorcycle schools is a business, I was always made to feel that your involvement went beyond that of a simple business relationship constantly making me feel welcome and accommodating me in scheduling difficulties.

I would gladly recommend 1st Class Rider Training to anyone that is looking to get into or back into motorcycling, confident that they will get the same professional and kind treatment that I received.

I sincerely wish you and 1st Class Rider Training all the best in the future and will most certainly take you up on one of your tours in the new year should you have any organised.

Kind Regards


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